Wendell Taufua • Oct 2021

Paint and Sip Class

Husband surprised me with this great activity. Really enjoyed it and totally makes me want to go and buy some paint! Teacher was lovely and very helpful with showing technique and offering advice for us beginners. Thank you!

Emma Colbran • Dec 2020

Paint Your Pet

Fantastic class, everyone had a great time. Our teacher helped us make great portraits even for beginner artists

Hana Starobova • Dec 2020

Paint and Sip Class - Paint Your Pet

Awesome class, great fun, all materials provided, the venue is nice, highly recommended For every age and skill


Jacqueline Allen • Dec 2020

Paint and Sip Class - Paint Your Pet

Loved his guidance and friendly manner. The art piece looks good and experience was relaxing.

Meagan Read • Dec 2020

Alcohol Inks and Mixed Media Class

Lots of fun & really enjoyed this class.
Helen was great & was very good at explaining techniques.

Kaila Holohan • Nov 2020

Paint and Sip Class - Paint Your Pet

We had so much fun! The teacher was amazing and so helpful, he really helped make the experience enjoyable and easy, aswell as the other staff. It's awesome doing it with my partner makes us realise how different we are and how different we see things. The facility was awesome a little crowded but the staff were organised enough to help seat everyone comfortably. We will definitely reccomend to friends and family.



David McDonald • Nov 2020

Mobile Paint and Sip Class

Great afternoon, david was a great teacher and we all had a blast.
Highly recommended


Emma Perry • Nov 2020

Paint and Sip Class - Paint Your Pet

We had a great time, enough space for us all to fit in, a lot of paints to use. The teacher was so very helpful in making sure we knew techniques and ensured we were all happy with our paintings. Thanks team for a great night.


Cheryl Stephan • Nov 2020

Paint and Sip Class: Portrait Painting

I found the class was very good value with all materials provided. David gave helpful, patient and at times, one to one guidance so that we could all achieve a result to be proud of. I would definitely do a class with David again.


Kaitlyn Long • Nov 2020

Paint and Sip Class: Portrait Painting

Great teacher and nice air conditioned venue. I would definitely recommend for others to try


Anne Callum • Nov 2020

Paint and Sip Class: Portrait Painting

Best session I have been to, I'm a novice painter and learnt so much from David our teacher in just a few hours. Thanks so much


Julia Stephan • Nov 2020

Paint and Sip Class: Portrait Painting

This was amazing class with a patient, encouraging instructor. We learned some excellent techniques and had so much fun! I would definitely recommend! Suitable for anyone.


Christina • Nov 2020

Painting class

thank you the class was lovely and very relaxing, the teacher was knowledgeable, an all round great class x


Leanne Beecher • Nov 2020

Paint and Sip Class - Botanical Wonderland

We did the painting class for our end of year celebration. I must say what a great time everyone had. Some were worried about their ability to paint before but were soon feeling relaxed about what they could achieve. Our teacher Imagine was so friendly and relaxed. We had ample materials to do the job.
The dome room was a great space and there was plenty space to spread out, it was a hot day and the air con was very welcome.
They only thing I could say was a negative on the day was the stairs up to the room, but I know this is will change soon.



Alice Hodgkinson • Nov 2020

Painting class

Fun class with a friendly and helpful teacher. There were definitely techniques that I wouldn't have though of using myself and Cassie gave individual help and pointers which was greatly appreciated :)


Li-Hsin Lin • Nov 2020

Painting class

Thankyou for all the efforts of the teacher and the staffs, I learnt a lot and enjoyed the good times in creating my own paintings. Highly recommended


Helen Dickinson • Nov 2020

Painting class

Teacher was lovely. Instructed well. Venue was basic but did the trick.
A lovely introduction to art and can't wait to take another class


Claire Cooke • Nov 2020

Painting class

Great class! Well paced and relaxing. I really enjoyed this one. It’s worth getting the box too.



Sue Sheppard • Nov 2020

Painting class

The workshop was fabulous! It was packed full of information and I thoroughly enjoyed it!


Linda Wood • Nov 2020

Painting class

Thanks, I had a great time painting marine animals and learning lots of helpful techniques.


Ben • Nov 2020

Painting class

The teacher was very clear in her teaching starting with the basics and explaining the rationale behind the tips of painting with water colours. Then she went on teaching at a very good pace where we could follow unlike other painting classes I've joined previously.



Kaye • Nov 2020

Painting class

The tutor check groups progress and taken the time to answer questions. Encouraging comments to individuals


Kylie • Nov 2020

Painting class

Wow! What a fantastic class Was so relaxing & really enjoyed learning something I’ve always loved & wanted to try Thank you xxx

Carer Vmch • Nov 2020

Paint Water Lilies

Our ladies loved unleashing their "Inner Monet" in this class. The instructions were clear and thorough, and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Thanks The Paint Bar :-)


Stevie Anderson • Nov 2020

Paint and Sip Class - Paint Your Pet

Lots of fun, the teachers were funny and helpful made for a great 1st wedding anniversary date.
Thank you



Liz Testa • Nov 2020

Wisteria at Twilight

David was absolutely amazing and great value! Teresa was wonderful also. They prepared balloons for my birthday and everything was presented and explained very well. Everyone had so much fun - we will definitely be back!



Joanne Yu • Nov 2020

Alcohol Inks and Mixed Media Class

A relaxed, fun class with plenty of time to explore and experiment with alcohol ink and other medium on different surfaces on your own. It would’ve been great if there’s a more structured segment in the beginning to include tips on colour mixing/techniques/composition/troubleshooting etc, but the teacher’s on hand throughout the class to answer any question and offer help. Also there’re lots of colours provided and the simple setup & straight-forward process make it easy to continue practising at home.



Darcy Forrest • Nov 2020

Alcohol Inks and Mixed Media Class

Had a great time, the teacher was very friendly and made us feel very welcome. Learnt heaps and might even start doing this in my spare time.


Brianna Auzmendi • Oct 2020

Paint and Sip Class - Moments in Moonlight

Fun, relaxing, well organised, and teacher was easy to follow. Overall a 5/5 experience. Would highly recommend.


Kerrie Fenwick • Oct 2020

Paint and Sip Class - Moments in Moonlight

Teacher was great. Very friendly, gave great advice and was patient giving people time to catch up or show people over again if they missed a step. Would love to do another of David's classes.



Deanna Spear • Oct 2020

Paint and Sip Class - Moments in Moonlight

Great venue and paint supplies! The instructor was great too :-) I will definitely be back!


Beau Jones • Oct 2020

Paint and Sip Class - Moments in Moonlight

I went with my daughter. We had a lovely time. The venue was very well equipped. The class was run at a leisurely pace and easy to follow. The teacher was helpful and hands on. For a night out with a difference you can’t go wrong.


Keryn Harris • Oct 2020

Paint and Sip Class - Moments in Moonlight

Lots of fun, teacher was very engaging and we felt like an artist. Definitely would recommend

Heather Harvey • Oct 2020

Paint and Sip Class - Paint Your Pet

The venue moved to a restaurant nearby because of bad weather and the space was perfect. It was a good session and they helped everyone to create something fun! 3rd PaintBar class I've been to and each one is great.


Emily Nunes • Oct 2020

Paint and Sip Class - Van Gogh's Starry Night

Wonderful teacher, friendly and flexible plus well known local Artist which was a huge surprise! Thank you!

Christian Fercher • Oct 2020

Paint and Sip Class - Paint Your Pet

Lots of fun, highly recommend. Even discovered I'm actually not that bad painting stuff :)



Dallas Anderson • Oct 2020

Paint and Sip Class - Paint Your Pet

First timers - thoroughly enjoyed the class. We will definitely be back. Highly recommend the class.

Faye Robson • Oct 2020

Mobile Paint and Sip Class

Our teacher Tara was wonderful, knowledgable and talented. The art supplies were of quality too. Thanks for a wonderful session!


Clair Inman • Oct 2020

Paint and Sip Class - Jacarandas in Spring

Teacher was good. Class ran smooth everything was given to us to use. I had a really good time even came out with something I really enjoyed painting and looked like it was supposed to be.



Dylan Tovey • Oct 2020

Paint and Sip Class - Jacarandas in Spring

Fabulous class. Definitely not paint by numbers paint and sip. Everyone was encouraged to make their Jacaranda unique. Teacher was super friendly and willing to be as hands on or hands off as requested.